Finding Legal Sources

8 USC (Chapter 12 is the current codification)
(you can find other USC titles here also)

eCFR - GPO publication updated within last few days.

CFR (published editions) 

To find any updates to specific CFR section since publication

THOMAS  For acts of Congress and pending legislation

The Federal Register & CFR, Historic and Current (GPO Database, searchable)


Educational systems around the world

The USCIS home page (includes  forms)

USCIS Handbook and Policy Manuals

The Naturalization Civics Examination

Links to U.S. Consuls worldwide

Links for Foreign Embassies in Washington DC

Department of State
            Entry Requirements for US citizens into other countries

Reciprocity Schedule:  A fee is charged for visas by the U.S. State Department which varies depending on country and type of visa.  The cost of the visa, its duration, and whether it is issued for single or multiple entry is governed by a "reciprocity schedule".
                    A quick list of countries whose nationals qualify for E1 or E2 visas (treaty investor/trader) - NOTE:  This list may not be current.  To verify that eligibility for E1/E2 status, check the reciprocity schedule link.  If a fee - or "no fee" is indicated under E1 and/or E2, nationals of that country are eligible.  If "no treaty" is indicated, then nationals are not eligible.  The reciprocity schedule is updated regularly.

State Department Directories, Key Officers, Offices, etc.

BIA Precedent Decisions

O*NET     includes Cross walk from DOT

OES Wages - 4 levels for Labor certs & H-1bs

ETA-Region VIII Economic Data Center.   The EDC is home to occupational compensation data from both the OES-ALC wage database and the Service Contract Act wage database.  Here you will also find technical support for ALCATS, as well as electronic forms and copies of regulations used by Alien Labor Certification staff across the country.

National Compensation Survey - Department of Labor
                Interactive Java version - multiple levels

North American Industry Classification System


Convert an SIC code to NAICS code
Each H-1b application must indicate an NAICS code for the petitioner
This table converts 1987 SIC codes to 1997 NAICS codes.

DAVIS-BACON wage determinations

SCA Wage Information

Georgia Wages

Offices of Administrative Law Judges Law Library Immigration Collection
Includes searchable DOT, BALCA cases and Benchbook

Poverty Guidelines  for affidavit of support (includes 125% calculation)

United States Marriage, Birth, Divorce Records
This is a summary - please verify addresses, costs etc.

Find out what in which County a city is located.
Find an area code, or look up a city from an area code.

General Legal Research:



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